Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode 3 out now!

From Finland to Austria and back. Enjoy!

Nipwitz episode 2

Episode 2 online!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nipwitz cinemablog episode one!

There it is! Nipwitz is a filming project that takes you through the skiing season of a group of friends. We're planning on publishing the episodes whenever there's enough material. So stay tuned for episode number two at or here!

Feel free to give open feedback on the episodes, it really helps us to improve our game!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Winter's knocking on the door!

What's up blog?

I've been a lazy, lazy updater. Shame on me.

The snowflakes are about to drop and every skier gets excited even when a frosted car window appears. IT'S nearly here!

Here's a clip of me trying some doubles in Nurmes(a waterramping MEGA-center in the eastern Finland) made by Aarni Toiviainen. Enjoy and have a nice pre-pre-pre-season chillout!

Nurmes Evening Shoot from Aarni Toiviainen on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Season's over now!

Hello Blog!

The season 08-09 is now officially over, at least for me. It was a sick season filled with filming and some competitions. Some small injuries shadowed my way at times but I managed to overcome them within a short amount of time. Now I'm looking for some rest both my body and mind. I'm really looking forward for the premiere of our movie 'Face Shot'. My next skiing is taking place in June.

Currently, I'm studying for some universities' entrance exams. Wish me luck!!!

I'll keep you updated on what's going on in my life although it's not winter anymore!

Thursday, April 23, 2009



We just got to Ruka from a resort called Pyhä, where we had the sickest kicker sessions. Snowboarders were throwing down double corks and switch double backflips...!

Now we're looking at some dope kickers and urban features that are gonna be sick if they work out.
The weather tomorrow is looking bad so we're trying to fix it by going to the bar.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Skiing In The North


Spring is a funny time of the year; soft snow, better weather than usual and good times!
Right now we're in a resort called Ukkohalla( I'm accompanied by filmer Aarni "Aape" Toiviainen and we're enjoying the good weather and approximately 70cm of snow they have here in this part of Finland. Today we tried to get some followcam shots from this really poppy kicker when I was doing a nine and Aape and his camera followed me with an enormous velocity which caused him to overshoot the jump by far. I was scared to death when I heard Aape screaming in the air with pure 'I don't wanna die' attitude. After that episode the clouds rolled in, my ass was sore and it was time to head to the Sauna World right next to the slopes!

Tomorrow we're still gonna be here filming but in the evening we'll head to Ruka for some more shooting. Check back soon for updates from our excitement-packed Lapland roadtrip!